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Alcheringa - Fine Tribal Art of the Northwest Coast, Papua New Guinea, and Australia

About Alcheringa

The Gallery

Alcheringa is an Aboriginal Australian word for the Dreamtime, the mythical time of creation, when the world and all living creatures were sung into existence. It is believed that singing and dancing maintain the state of the landscape, and that these invisible songlines hold the earth together.

The mandate of the gallery is to create a following for the work of individual aboriginal artists from three areas of the Pacific, the Northwest Coast of Canada, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, in the fine art market in Canada and abroad.

In particular we recognize and promote the work of master carvers living in small villages in remote communities in the South Pacific. Alcheringa reimburses artists at a level that allows them to maintain their position as artists within their communities, and to cover their medical expenses and school fees.

Alcheringa has worked with private collectors, museums, decorators and corporate clients. We are pleased to provide free consultations to clients developing projects of all sizes. Please browse our Commissions section or Contact Us for ideas and references.

Alcheringa Foundation

Alcheringa Gallery is in the process of developing a foundation to assist carvers with art creation by providing materials and to further facilitate educational artist exchanges amongst the carvers of Papua New Guinea and the Canadian Northwest Coast.

About Us

Elaine Monds, Director and Gallery Founder
Elaine Monds' interest in the cultures of the world began early, during a childhood in Kenya and Australia. She moved to Canada in the 1970s and opened a business that developed into Alcheringa Gallery. In 1984, she fell in love with the arts and peoples of Papua New Guinea during the first of many trips to that region. Alcheringa Gallery began introducing Papua New Guinean art to North American audiences, later expanding to represent eminent and emerging Indigenous artists from Australia, Canada's Northwest Coast, and other Pacific traditions. Over more than 25 years of exhibitions, publications, artist exchanges, and collaborations with major cultural institutions worldwide, Alcheringa Gallery has become recognized as a leading advocate of contemporary Indigenous fine arts and cultural exchange. Elaine continues to make regular trips to visit artists in the South Pacific.

Traute Fraser, Gallery Manager
As manager and sales associate, Traute has enjoyed a thirteen year affiliation with the gallery by providing logistic support and developing long lasting relationships with our clients through attentive service.

Emma Monds-King, Client Services
After years in the hospitality industry, Emma brings her extensive experience in client services and event coordination. Daughter of gallery founder Elaine Monds, Emma has been exposed to the arts and culture of Papua New Guinea for as long as she can remember.

Sarah Stein
Sarah has worked with the gallery since 2007. Sarah Stein holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Dan Lepsøe
Dan Lepsoe has worked with Alcheringa since 2001. He's fascinated with storytelling, and promotes that through his work in exhibition development, graphic design, arts marketing, and events planning. Since 2004 Dan has coordinated the gallery's field trips to visit our artists in Papua New Guinea.

Jesse Nutter
Jesse has been the technology wizard behind the curtain at Alcheringa since 1998. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Ideas from Athabasca University and has been building website software for clients of all shapes and sizes since 1994.

Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday 9:30am - 5:30pm
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Extended Summer Hours
(or by appointment)

We are located at 665 Fort Street, Victoria, BC, Canada

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Canadian: Northwest Coast, Métis, Cree

Oceanic: Papua New Guinea, Australia, Torres Strait, West Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands