Carvings & Sculptures

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  1. Squirrel (Wolf) And Raven

    Squirrel (Wolf) And Raven

  2. Evolution Table by Dylan Thomas and Nathan Martell

    Evolution Table

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  3. Killer Whale

    Killer Whale

  4. Shaman Bird

    Shaman Bird

  5. Dream Weaver by Ron Telek
  6. The Frog Who Wished He Was A Shark Transforming Under the Rays of the Moon by Ron Telek
  7. Hawk / Shaman Transformation by Ron Telek
  8. Sea Hag Mask by Ron Telek
  9. Shaman Transforming by Ron Telek
  10. Leaping Salmon by Robert Vogstad
  11. The Frog Who Always Wanted To Be a Shark by Ron Telek
  12. Moon Mask by Ron Telek

    Moon Mask



12 Item(s)

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