Eagle by Robert DavidsonEagle by Robert Davidson
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From Haida Printmaker, Hilary Stewart "The magical, mystical number for the people of the Northwest Coast was four. It permeated their culture and influenced their traditions in countless ways; songs and dances were often repeated four times, rituals were performed in fours, and myths were often built on the occurrence of four events, or repetitions of four. Reflecting this tradition, Robert Davidson brought out an unusual set of four prints that marked a turning point in his work as a printmaker. They became the first that the artist entrusted to the photographic process in silkscreen printing, and he demanded of the commercial printer the same high standard of printing that he had achieved in his own studio. The design of these four prints is unique in that each embodies only the essence of the creature it portrays through the minimal use of line. The negative and positive shapes interlock to provide the necessary identifying features with amazing economy of detail. Originally designed as silver pendants, in graphic form the circle motifs become a striking quartet. Eagle is seen in profile facing left, his head and wing being all that is required. The keynote for Eagle here is the downcurved beak, and in an interesting contraction the artist has used the line of the lower beak to form the outline of the wing below it. In its minimal form, the wing has two black feathers and an ovoid joint."

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist Robert Davidson
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 1977
Dimensions 8" x 8"
Materials & Edition Limited Edition 140

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