Wunderkammern translates to 'cabinet of curiosities' which were proto-museums in the Renaissance Europe. Before public galleries began, individual patrons would demonstrate their breadth of knowledge and wealth of travel experience via a small room filled to the brim with exotic artifacts. Although it has colonial roots, I couldn't help but register with this idea as I began to put this exhibition together. An incredibly diverse group of artists using an astoundingly unique set of materials, this exhibition will exemplify the diversity and strength of talent along the Northwest Coast.

      Seeing an artist's eyes light up as they talk about working with mountain goat horn for the first time, or the process for creating 'fire copper' is the exact same light everyone here at Alcheringa would like to share with you. Please join us for some champagne and holiday cheer on Saturday November 25th at 2pm for a lovely afternoon. This exhibition will be on display until the new year so you can come in at your leisure.

See you there!
Darren Pottie (Curator)


Artists joining the exhibition:

Silas Coon -  miniature masks

Gus Cook - silver (repousse)

Morgan Asoyuf - silver, diamonds, champagne topaz

Edward Joe - spiny urchin, stonework, silver

Ernest Swanson - silver, argillite

Chris Cook III - silver

Dean Heron - wooden carving

Dylan Thomas - fire copper, silver

Tracy Williams - mountain goat horn,

Selenica Aurica - beaded bracelets

& many more

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  1. Long Raven Pendant

    Long Raven Pendant

  2. Fire Copper Pendant
  3. Hummingbird Pendant

    Hummingbird Pendant

  4. Raven's Moon Pendant

    Raven's Moon Pendant

  5. Wolf's Copper

    Wolf's Copper

  6. Raven's Treasures

    Raven's Treasures

  7. Abalone Pattern Bracelet

    Abalone Pattern Bracelet

  8. Oracle Prophesy Necklace

    Oracle Prophesy Necklace

  9. Angel Wing Pendant

    Angel Wing Pendant

  10. Hummingbird Pendant

    Hummingbird Pendant

  11. Angel Wing Earrings

    Angel Wing Earrings


11 Item(s)

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