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In our renewed effort to support Indigenous artists and culture in BC, we have started the ALCHERINGA AIM HIGHER initiative. AIM stands for Art Indigenous Monthly. Each month we will promote a BC-based Indigenous artist's work and with every social media like or share we will make a monthly donation to organizations making a difference.

For January through March we will donate to the First People's Cultural Council in their efforts to revitalize the languages, arts and cultures of BC First Nations.

Our February AIM artist is KC Hall, originally from Bella Bella. KC has broken into the world with his incredibly unique mix of traditional stories and urban grafitti style. In 2018 he won an Emerging Aritst award with the BC Achievement foundation. He has taken commissions on bentwood boxes and paddles, and we are blown away by his recent canvas work.

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Check out new work by KC Hall below

As always you can email us at or call us at (250) 383 8224 for any further information.

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  1. Raven and Salmon

    Raven and Salmon

  2. kus!s - Wolfman

    kus!s - Wolfman


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