Birth of the Power of the Shining Heavens by Christian WhiteBirth of the Power of the Shining Heavens by Christian White
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Birth of the Power of the Shining Heavens

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How the Power of the Shining Heavens Caused Himself to Be Born "A young woman who had been abandoned by her family found a cockle while wandering the beach, picked it up, and pried open the shell. She discovered a small boy inside. The woman was overjoyed to find this tiny person. She hammered her bracelet into a bow so that he could catch birds -particularly flickers. The small boy grew very quickly and helped his mother build a hut where they could live together. When they awoke on the first morning after the house was completed, they found a heron outside. The heron had carved the house posts while they slept; the eyes on the carvings were so bright that they seemed to wink. "Later the woman became a supernatural being and lived on the west coast of the island. The area became known for earthquakes because she would shake when humans passed on the trail. Her son also became a supernatural being. He is responsible for the colouring of the dawn sky when the red from the flicker's tail feathers reflects the light." -Christian White

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist Christian White
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2003
Dimensions 1.5" wide
Materials & Edition argillite, mother of pearl, abalone

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