Carved Cuscus by Willy YumbunCarved Cuscus by Willy Yumbun
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Carved Cuscus

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The cuscus is a slow-moving, nocturnal marsupial found in rainforest areas of Papua New Guinea. It feeds mainly on fruits and leaves and is closely related to the possums of Australia. Cuscus are tree dwellers, about the size of a domestic cat, with a prehensile tail, that is, one which is capable of grasping things.which proves useful as they move around branches. They can be black or brown but those most often seen on the Sepik are the Spotted Cuscus which are white, orange and yellow. Often kept as pets they are also hunted for their meat or fur. Their fur is sometimes used as decoration for art works and head dresses for ceremonial occasions.

Artwork Information

Location Papua New Guinea
Region Papua New Guinea
Artist Willy Yumbun
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2008
Dimensions Height 15"
Materials & Edition wood and natural pigments

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