George Littlechild: Honouring the Eight Legged Summer 2010

I have lived by the ocean for the past several years and as a result I feel closer to nature, more part of it. I am able to easily study its ever changing moods and perpetual motion.

 As I was finishing the first octopus image for this Cephalopod series a news item reported that hundreds of squid had washed up on beaches and died along the west coast as far north as Haida Gwaii. I felt as an artist that somehow I had been intuitively guided to paint this creature at this time. The Arthropod series was inspired by a particular spider with a red body and orange legs whose acquaintance I had made on my beach walks.

 I have incorporated images from my Cree mother and Scottish/Irish father's ancestry, all real people with whom I have been closely connected, some from the past and others who are still part of my life. The idea of transformation in all sixteen of these new works explores the close kinship between all living things, the fine balance between nature and humanity. We are all a part of the sacred cycle of life.

 George Littlechild

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