My work explores a Metis-Canadian sensibility with modernist concerns. I have an expressionist-primitivist approach to painting with subject matter related to two aspects of my Native- Canadian reality and viewpoint. These concerns are the shamanic tradition of native peoples and the problem of resolving this tradition with contemporary artwork.

 My role as an artist is not to represent 'Indigenous', 'Native', or 'First Nations' art, as the current labelling or pigeon holing goes. My work is, in this Post Modernist time, tending toward a more comprehensive portrayal of my interests as an artist. I feel that my themes and the character of the work reflect a more universal interest which cannot be constricted within the narrow confines of terms such as 'Western', 'Native', 'Hybrid', 'Canadian', or what have you. My art represents aspects of my own culture and history personally, and in the wider archetypal sense, includes all common human experience.

 The ancient tradition of shamanic based art offers huge potential in the development of new national and international art forms. My work aspires to the spiritual, to the recovery of the main tradition of creativity. The encounter with shamanic ideology and culture compels the modern artist to admit to the binding ties of a common spiritual heritage. Through the creative experience and its profound link to the unconscious, artists confront the on-going history of the human spirit. The search requires not imitation, but the revelation and expression of those intangibles which can only be conveyed through poetic meaning. Art is a journey of the human spirit through the matter/space/time continuum.

 -Rick Rivet

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  1. Shining Path by Rick Rivet

    Shining Path

  2. Mound 19 by Rick Rivet

    Mound 19

  3. Adrift 6 by Rick Rivet

    Adrift 6

  4. Landscape/Figure 2 by Rick Rivet

    Landscape/Figure 2

  5. String Game 12 by Rick Rivet

    String Game 12

  6. Arctic Moon 2 by Rick Rivet

    Arctic Moon 2

  7. Metaphysic 6 by Rick Rivet

    Metaphysic 6

  8. Mound 12 by Rick Rivet

    Mound 12

  9. Landscape/Figure 3 by Rick Rivet

    Landscape/Figure 3

  10. Mound 3 by Rick Rivet

    Mound 3

  11. Abstract 5 by Rick Rivet

    Abstract 5

  12. Earth Figure #2 by Rick Rivet

    Earth Figure #2

  13. Metaphysic 7 by Rick Rivet

    Metaphysic 7


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