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More than Meets the Eye: Masks that Transform Us

trans-form  vb : to change in structure, appearance, or character

More than Meets the Eye: Masks that Transform Us is a cross-cultural dialogue amongst distinguished mask-making traditions, featuring new work by leading artists of the Northwest Coast including Calvin Hunt, Chris Paul, and Mervyn Child, as well as master carvers from Papua New Guinea's Sepik River, including Otto Timbin, Jackson Timbin, and Ronnie Bowie. There are more commonalities between the mask cultures than differences, with the notion of transformation permeating throughout the pieces of the exhibition.

 Masks generally function to transform the wearer, but masks in a gallery context can also serve to assist the viewer in keeping the world around them in perspective. Pieces such as Calvin Hunt and John Livingston's Earthquake Mask remind us how small we are compared to the power of Nature, while Otto Timbin's Dancing Mask with Red and Yellow Flowers remind us to exuberantly dance and celebrate the beauty of Nature.

 Although traditional methods of creating masks are evident throughout the pieces in the exhibition, there is also evidence of artists taking new approaches to materials while still telling traditional stories. For example. Chris Paul's Singing Ladies, a series of glass masks, represent the tradition of Coast Salish women singing to call the salmon.

 Please join with us and celebrate the transformative power of masks. By participating in this enriching dialogue, you just might be transformed along the way.

 Exhibition Opening - Thursday, August 20th from 6 - 8pm

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