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A Room of Your Own Revisited

A Room of Your Own Revisited

Worlds Connecting

This time last year we created a living space, virtually a whole house, within the gallery to illustrate how artworks from different First Nations traditions can harmoniously inhabit the same space to provide spiritual enrichment to the viewer.

This year’s show goes a step further using not only aboriginal sculpture and graphics as decorative elements, but also as actual furniture. We are delighted to introduce a collection of innovative furniture and accessories created from steel, glass and reclaimed wood by Kwakwaka'wakw artist Corrine Hunt.

Also featured are delicate etchings by Cree artist Michael Robinson and carved birds by Plasus Asapi and Ricky Kiang from Papua New Guinea.

To catch a glimpse of the gallery space and the variety of artworks within, click on the image below. For detailed information on the artworks in the exhibition, see the new arrivals section of the website or contact the gallery; we are happy to answer any questions and help you create your own sanctuary