Gallery Artists featuring lessLIE and Dylan Thomas

Previously exhibited in the ground-breaking exhibition at AGGV: Urban Thunderbirds, we are honoured to present a selection of these monumental works by Coast Salish artists lessLIE and Dylan Thomas.

We are also delighted to announce the very limited availability of the Remarqué and Artist Proof editions of serigraph prints, Cultural ConunDRUM and wHOLE w(((h)))orl(((d))) by lessLIE.

Call or visit to reserve your copy!!

Also featured will be works by Robert Davidson, Susan Point, Rick Rivet, Mark Preston, John Marston and Teddy Balangu.

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  1. Community Wellness by Dylan Thomas

    Community Wellness

  2. spLIT yoU by lessLIE

    spLIT yoU

  3. Wolves (Print) by lessLIE

    Wolves (Print)

  4. Twelve Salmon (Print) by lessLIE

    Twelve Salmon (Print)

  5. Spindle wHOLE by lessLIE

    Spindle wHOLE

  6. Scanned Salmon by Susan Point

    Scanned Salmon

  7. Re-emerging W(((h)))orl(((d))) by lessLIE
  8. gRAIN by lessLIE


  9. Twelve Salmon by lessLIE

    Twelve Salmon

  10. Woman's Paddle by Teddy ( Sapame ) Balangu

    Women's Paddle

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10 Item(s)

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