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Our Blankets, Our Stories

Our Blankets Our Stories... A collaboration between Mark and I to weave a story of our histories and our inspirations together.

 As artists, we express in our images the connection we feel to our families, our ancestors, and to the fabric that builds us and holds us together. Just as spindle whorl blends with curling wolves and inquisitive ravens, showing patience & unity.

 My work is inspired by this inner connection of current and ancient. As artists we weave a story from the threads of our past and the dreams of our future.

 This show with Mark Preston; my mentor, and kind and quiet teacher, reflects a deep friendship like a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders. Tlingit meets Salish.

 One thing Mark always taught me was to experiment. This show is where I will take another step into the development of my style with my old friend.

 Chris Paul

 The button blanket is a theme and catalyst for my work. The title suggests a two-fold meaning. As individual artists the blanket is a personal storyboard and that of the greater community, telling a story through the historical experiences of First nations People at large.

 As an artist, I have taken the historical perspective as an observer rather than one who was directly affected by historical events, good or bad. I'm sure, at the time, people didn't realize that the trading of goods was eventually going to alter their cultural identities and their way of life forever.

 As an artist in present time, I see the future as the only way of taking control of our lives now. Somehow, I have managed to see beyond historical misfortunes and try to see a future that is more than what it is at present. I am not putting judgment on any of it because I see things from both sides.

 As a child I lived on the land, ate the same foods and understood the world only from the First nations perspective…that was then. Now, as an adult having lived in the western culture, I am able to look back and find my place in both worlds.

 Mark Preston

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