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Sacred Geometry - Dylan Thomas Solo Exhibition

A Word From Alcheringa Gallery

The first moment of creation… Is it the ecstatic inspiration when an artist pushes an idea into actuality? Or it is the indescribable elation when an artist (re) discovers their potential depths of a new vision. Perhaps, as Dylan Thomas would suggest, that the first moment goes back to the Big Bang when, “in a mysterious cosmic exhalation, Spirit took a three-dimensional shape and started building the Universe according to timeless laws of geometry.”

With his new exhibition Sacred Geometry, Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas traces the roots of man’s fascination of simple shapes through the millennia. From the early Hominid tracing zig-zag patterns on mussel shells, to the exacting aesthetic traditions of Coast Salish design, each work in Sacred Geometry belays the timeless natural presence that can be found in geometric forms. By limiting himself to simple shapes Dylan used mathematical tessellations to compose inspiring canvases that reveals natural beauty with only slight modifications.

But don’t take our word for it. Dylan himself has actively researched and theorized his own moments of creation for the new exhibition. His 6-page artist statement for the show outlines his informed decision-making and precise mathematical method employed while working for the exhibition. “In my experience,” he writes, “beauty only fully manifests when the intellect subsides, when the mind goes quiet and all hows and whys disappear. There’s no rational value in a star-filled sky, a sunset, a motionless lake – but, as an artist, everything I value most is beyond the limits of rationality. And, in my experience, only the trans-rational aspects of reality can give meaning to existence.”

Alcheringa Gallery has worked with Dylan for over 6 years and watched him grow and expand his breadth of knowledge as an artist. Alcheringa is proud to host Dylan Thomas’ first solo exhibition: Sacred Geometry. His work is truly inspired and explodes with the creative energy that can only be found in (re) discovering those first moments of creation. Sacred Geometry marks a shift in thinking for Dylan, one that will have profound importance for new works to come.

                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Alcheringa Gallery

“…I know first hand that, in those purest expressive moments, art seems to be created through you, not by you. I have come to live for these moments, and I can say, without a hint of exaggeration, that these experiences are the sacred aspect of creating art.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                          – Dylan Thomas


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