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Beneath the Canopy: Friends of the Forest

As one of the most bio-diverse regions on Earth, the rain forests of Papua New Guinea are home to many diverse creatures.

 On April 19th Alcheringa Gallery will be filled with exotic birds in comically contorted poses by Ricky Kiang, endearing possums from Steven Jimowan, and a giant frog by Otto Timbin. Add to that a range of finial derived sculptural forms such as Sebbie Dumoi's complex, drum beating, human figure or Teddy Balangu's latest rendition of Killer Whale and Crocodile. Towering over all is Kaua Gita's Malu Board whose lacy delicate carved detail encloses a panoply of birds.

 Alcheringa Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition of new works from our 2011 Sepik River collection.

All works subject to presale

Trip Photos

 The animals waiting to leave Korogo village

 Claytus Yambon (left) and Teddy Balangu (right)enroute from Wewak with provisions for the trip.

 Alcheringa director Elaine Monds at home with the Timbin Family, and a selection of Dancing Masks

 Kids outside the school house in Korogo village

 Paula Dumoi in her recently completed grass skirt.

We have no artworks of this kind at the moment.

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