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Hailans to Ailans: Contemporary Papua New Guinea Art

All artwork is available for sale immediately. An 80-page full-colour catalogue is available to order here.

Hailans to Ailans (meaning 'Highlands to Islands' in Tok Pisin) is a two-part international exhibition presenting contemporary artists from Papua New Guinea (PNG). These artists work in a variety of media, including painting, metal sculpture, wood sculpture, weaving, and performance. Their work engages the vibrant cultural interplay transforming PNG society as it rapidly modernizes while seeking to preserve its ancient Melanesian heritage. This period of rapid change has been described as moving from the stone age to the space age in a lifetime. For contemporary Papua New Guinean artists, it has meant struggling to retain their indigenous cultural heritage while being challenged by the forces of modernization and colonial rule, confronting stereotypes of their cultures and knowledge as primitive and timeless.

 - from the  introduction by Co-curator Pamela Rosi

 Find out more at hailanstoailans.com.

 November 5, 7-9pm
 Alcheringa Gallery (665 Fort Street)
 Participating artists Michael Mel (Western Highlands), Martin Morububuna (Trobriand Islands), Claytus Yambon (Sepik River), lessLIE (Coast Salish), and John Marston (Coast Salish) will attend.

 November 7, 7pm
 Mungo Martin House, Thunderbird Park, Royal British Columbia Museum (corner of Belleville and Douglas)
 A multicultural performance evening featuring theatre by Michael Mel (Western Highlands) and the Tzinquaw Dancers (Cowichan).

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