Masterworks: Monumental Sculpture by Celebrated Artists of the Sepik River and New Ireland

Masterworks: Monumental Sculpture by Celebrated Artists of the Sepik River and New Ireland.  
To those of you who are aware of the work of Alcheringa Gallery over the past decade, some of the artist names in this collection will be well known. Teddy Balangu will be remembered from his residency at MOA, where, as the recipient of the Andrew Fellowship he created a magnificent totemic carving for their permanent collection. For this collection he has created a masterful, finial inspired work that still reflects that cross-cultural experience. Claytus Yambon's delicate and elegant sculpture, while based on a traditional Yipwon form is entirely original in design and is completed with a finish that he discovered during his recent stay in Canada.

 A keen observer of modern life on the Sepik, Joseph Kandimbu never disappoints. His creation of the towering figure of The Man from Tari was inspired by a visit he made to the Highlands to attend a Sing Sing - an annual dance event, that attracts an international audience. With compelling gaze, complete with carved skirt, headdress and spear, the figure commands attention. On a lighter note Kandimbu captures former Wewak chief of police Leo Kabilo, with every detail of his attire faithfully rendered in three dimensions, from the jaunty tilt of his cap to his polished boots.

 Reflecting the rich tradition that still fuels the best of Sepik carving Lucas Tangun has created a superb example of a traditional house post. Carved from kwila, the rich patina of the wood has been left without the addition of traditional village paint.

 As these artists of today increasingly embrace opportunities to have their works appreciated by a global audience, these magnificent, contemporary renditions of ancient myths or reflections of life today continue to provide the artists opportunities to celebrate the culture and to provide for their families. There is little doubt that the future of Sepik culture is not only safe in the hands of these great artists, but continues to grow, with the creation of new and innovative works.

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