Amal II by Dennis NonaAmal II by Dennis Nona
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Amal II

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Amal is the shadow of a cloud that when cast over the surface of the water, makes it difficult for dugong hunters to sight their prey. Dugong are usually hunted during the day on the reefs away from the islands but this print depicts an Amal that is experienced when hunting close to shore, near the mangroves, at night. In this situation it is the brightness of the moon, rather than the sun that has been obscured by the Amal. Hunting near the mangroves happens at the time when the Koki or North Westerly winds blow. At this time, very high tides are also experienced. Any Island person viewing this image would know that the dugong are near the mangroves as they would recognise the mangrove pods depicted. There are two types shown. Kamul is the one with the prongs projecting from a bulbous body. Buidal is the long thin one that looks like a Garfish or Long Tom. Buidal is cooked with the dugong as it helps break down the fat. It is also eaten and is a good source of protein. Two Gapu or Sucker Fish that were used in the traditional hunting of dugong are shown at the bottom of the print.

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Location Australia
Region Torres Strait
Artist Dennis Nona
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2008
Dimensions 33" x 49" framed
Materials & Edition etching edition of 45

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