Ancient Tsimshian Pottery #1 (2009) by Morgan Green and Jean AubinAncient Tsimshian Pottery #1 (2009) by Morgan Green and Jean Aubin
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Ancient Tsimshian Pottery #1 (2009)

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Engobes can be defined as liquid clay slips of varying compositions which are applied to the surface of a clay object, e.g. a pot. We collected natural clay from the Extew River, a favourite fishing and trapping area of my grandfather. This clay was used like a glaze while painting the pottery. Pigments were used to create other colors that were historically used in this area. Our special process of low fire Raku is done outside using fire, grasses, and cedar pieces leftover from carving. This piece is an exploration of the idea of the pre-contact pottery of the Tsimshian. Morgan Green

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist N/A
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2010
Dimensions 12" diameter
Materials & Edition hand painted with ochre, iron. Extew River engobes. handthrown,low fire raku

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