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  1. MEK'MEKE Snowy Owl Spindle Whorl
  2. Eagle Paddle

    Eagle Paddle

    Regular Price: CA$2,250.00

    Special Price CA$2,000.00

  3. Wildman and Eagle Headdress, Frog and Salmon Club
  4. Shaman Bird
  5. Killer Whale Drum
  6. Killer Whale Club

    Killer Whale Club

  7. Squirrel (Wolf) And Raven
  8. Bentwood Box Panel

    Bentwood Box Panel

    Regular Price: CA$4,000.00

    Special Price CA$3,500.00

  9. Hawk Mask

    Hawk Mask

  10. Dzunukwa Feast Bowl

    Dzunukwa Feast Bowl

  11. Killer Whale Paddle
  12. Seal Bowl with Salmon

    Seal Bowl with Salmon

  13. Killer Whale
  14. Raven Panel
  15. Shaman Figure: Hawk Warning of the Future

15 Item(s)

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