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  1. Spiral Wedding Set

    Spiral Wedding Set

    Product Description This necklace was inspired when a good friend was getting married. The spiral symbolizes the mind, the two spirals are the bride and groom or life partners, and the strands at the bottom are the life they’ll be balancing together. Learn More
  2. Tree Roots Beaded Bracelets

    Tree Roots Beaded Bracelets

  3. Steering Through Chaos

    Steering Through Chaos

  4. Autumn Leaf Wrap-around and Earrings

    Autumn Leaf Wrap-around and Earrings

    The pattern symbolizes the leaves falling in autumn and the lovely colours that form. The earrings are made with Gold-filled earring hooks. Learn More
  5. Turqoise Steering Wheel Beaded Bracelet
  6. Tree of Life Bracelet

    Tree of Life Bracelet

  7. Basket Earrings

7 Item(s)

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