bLACK PaddlebLACK Paddle
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bLACK Paddle bLACK Paddle bLACK Paddle

bLACK Paddle

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The title of this piece, bLACK paddle, is an allusion to Coast Salish ethnographer Wayne Subtle writing in an essay that coast Salish art "lacks" ovoids. In my study of Coast Salish art and perpetuation of it through my art practice, I have had to overcome the discourse on Coast Salish art. I have had to train my eyes to see something where tHERE was a misperception that our art style was lacking. Hence this work engages the viewer to see a subtle Coast Salish design on the paddle. The bLACK wASH of the design is inspired by washes used on ancestral carvings. The spirit of Coast Salish design is evoked by this paddle. The tangible, physical world. The ethereal spiRITUAL world. The wASH of water. The ash of fire. The spiRITUAL smoke, which rises from the fires. --lessLIE

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Location Canada
Region British Columbia
Artist lessLIE
NWC Nation Coast Salish
Date Created December 2016
Dimensions 55"L x 5"W x 1"D
Materials & Edition yellow cedar, acrylic paint,

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