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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Honouring a PNG Master Carver and dear friend, Michael Timbin

    Michael Timbin, Master Carver with unfinished carvings, Palambei Village, Papua New Guinea. Michael Timbin, Master Carver with carvings in progress, Palambei Village, Papua New Guinea. Photo by Sandy Colony

    We are mourning the untimely loss of master carver Michael Timbin at the age of 39.

    He was widely recognized for his distinctive sculpture based on traditional myth.  His work was selected for inclusion in the exhibition Paradise Lost?, held as part of the Pacific Arts Association conference at MOA in August of 2013.  For more information on this exhibit, you will be redirected here:  http://moa.ubc.ca/experience/exhibit_archived_details.php?id=1179

    One of Timbin's masterworks, "Pasinawai and Pasindawa" One of Timbins masterworks, "Pasinawai and Pasindawa"

    We at Alcheringa Gallery have been privileged to work with the Timbin family of master carvers since 1992.

    Michael Timbin with his family and Alcheringa Gallery Owner/Director, Elaine Monds in Palembei Village, 2011 Michael Timbin with his family and Alcheringa Gallery Director, Elaine Monds, in Palembei Village, 2011
  • Coast Salish artist lessLIE creates winning design for the London Chancery Project



    "Natural Vision", the winning design by lessLIE "Natural Vision", the winning design by lessLIE

    Earlier this year, a process was begun to solicit artist designs for carpet commissions to be used in the upcoming renovation and expansion of Canada House in London. Canadian High Commissioner, Gordon Campbell, envisioned that each of Canada's provinces and territories would be represented and showcased within the High Commission meeting rooms.  Every meeting room will be named for a specific province or territory. The furnishings, materials, and artwork contained within the individual meeting room, will be created or sourced from the respective province.  Each custom hand-tufted area carpet will be designed by a local artist depicting the “Nature and Climate” of that region. Salish artist LesslIE was one of five artists from British Columbia asked to submit a carpet design.

    The selection of the winning design was made by the London Consolidation Project Governance Board, and lessLIE’s design was chosen to be used in the creation of the carpet for the BC room.

    “I am delighted that so many talented Canadian designers were eager to participate in helping us to create a revitalized Canada House that truly reflects the very best of our country and captures the unique traits of every province and territory. I congratulate all of our competition winners. Their work will be a great addition to the revitalized Canada House on Trafalgar Square.”
    -   Gordon Campbell

    Congratulations lessLIE !

    Coast Salish artist, lessLIE Coast Salish artist, lessLIE


    Alcheringa Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of new works by lessLIE entitled smALL and will be opening on October 4th of 2014.   This exhibition will feature a selection of diminutive works alongside some of lessLIE's larger pieces.

    Please join us on that day for our opening reception  between 2-5 pm.


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