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  1. Malagans: The Ceremonial Art of New Ireland by by Louise Lincoln and Elaine Monds
  2. Susan Point: Coast Salish Artist by edited by Gary Wyatt, with essays by Michael Kew, Peter Macnair, and Bill MacLennan
  3. People Among People - The Public Art of Susan Point
  4. Life of the Copper

    Life of the Copper

  5. Ceremony and Passage: Mastercarvers of the Sepik River and Maprik Area
  6. Works on Paper - Susan Point
  7. Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast by by Hilary Stewart
  8. George Littlechild: The Spirit Giggles Within by George LittlechildForeword by Ryan Rice
  9. Understanding Northwest Coast Jewelry
  10. The Transforming Image: Painted Arts of Northwest Coast First Nations by by Bill McLellan and Karen Duffek
  11. Creative Spirits: Bark Painting in the Washkuk Hills of North New Guinea by by Ross Bowden
  12. S'abadeb The Gifts - Coast Salish Artwork
  13. In the Footprint of the Crocodile Man: Contemporary Art of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea
  14. Understanding Northwest Coast Art by Cheryl Shearar
  15. lessLIE: CuneiFORM-LINE

    lessLIE: CuneiFORM-LINE

  16. Transporters by Contributor: Andrea Walsh


  17. Pacific Island Artists: Navigating the Global Art World by Edited by Karen Stevenson

    Pacific Island Artists: Navigating the Global Art World

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  18. Hailans to Ailans: Contemporary Art of Papua New Guinea by Edited by Pamela Rosi
  19. Killer Whale and Crocodile [film] by Peter Campbell & Art Holbrook

19 Item(s)

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