Circle of Survival by Ake LiangaCircle of Survival by Ake Lianga
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Circle of Survival

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"This painting shows that the marine life that surrounds the Solomon Islands is rich and beautiful. There is much respect for all marine life, as islanders truly believe that the creatures under the sea help to continue the success of life on the land. Each animal within the painting has a unique role within the structure of the sea. The octopus represents the togetherness of the sea community with its widespread tentacles and its power to move quickly. The turtle represents the peace and tranquility of the ocean, whereas the dolphin is the protector of the ocean society (people included) and the great communicators of the ocean deep. The king of the ocean is the shark, who is the predator of all that keeps the power in balance."

Artwork Information

Location Pacific Islands
Region Solomon Islands
Artist Ake Lianga
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2002
Dimensions 36" x 24"
Materials & Edition acrylic on canvas

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