Coastal Balance by John MarstonCoastal Balance by John Marston
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Coastal Balance

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Coastal Balance Sacred in our teachings and way of life, appears the bald eagle. The spiritual embodiment of our ancestors and the calling cry of peacefulness remind us to remain close to our families and community. Strength is the Eagles essence. We aspire to as we come together to celebrate individuality, love and compassion for one another within our community. Spiritual connection to this land and the stuart ship to this local region is a long held tradition and a common interest for all who reside with in. The center of the design is One Eagle. Representation of all our believes and traditions coming together as one. The bold stare of the Eagle strikes our souls and reminds us of the old additive that we will always be stronger together. We shall also remind one another of the importance of our goal to always work as a respectful and connected community Salmon within the center also carry the representation our our ancestors. For First Nations and all who have resided within this coastal range, it is the history of the salmon that has built our foundations and made the stakes for all modern communities. It is the acknowledgment of male and female within this design that conveys we are all important individuals, each and everyone of us has the ability to create positive growth within our community. Modern Gathering places, such as this, show a respect to cultural practices and a nation that has remained connected since the beginning of time. Creating this balance begins with us. Qap ’u’ luq John Marston

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist John Marston
NWC Nation Coast Salish
Date Created 2012
Dimensions 25.5" x 25.5"
Materials & Edition Limited Edition 40

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