A Gathering of Spirits

This spring, after thirty years, Alcheringa gallery moved to a new space at 621 Fort Street. To mark this milestone, our summer exhibition, A Gathering of Spirits celebrates both the past and the present, honouring our artists drawn from First Nation communities on Vancouver Island and beyond, as well as artists from the South Pacific. Some have worked with Alcheringa since as early as 1989 other young and emerging artists have more recently joined us.

The exhibition encompasses wood sculpture, acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and paper, wood block prints and serigraphy. Some are clearly traditional works that could be used ceremonially alongside contemporary pieces that reflect aspects of life today. All celebrate the natural world and the realm of myth.

The exhibition runs from June 28th through July 31st

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  1. Following the Sacred Heartbeats
  2. Becoming Worthy (Version Two)
  3. 'Kiss the Sky' House Post

    'Kiss the Sky' House Post

  4. Beyond the Edge

    Beyond the Edge

  5. Baidam - Shark Constellation (colour) by Dennis Nona

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