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Presented by Alcheringa Gallery, Hosted by the Union Club of Victoria
Opening Reception: Saturday Feb 7th, 2015, 2-4pm
Although the Union Club of Victoria a member’s only venue, all are invited to join us for the opening reception at the Union Club Renaissance Lounge.

New Works by Chris Paul and Mark Preston
With an emphasis on the ideas of transformation and change come new works from Coast Salish artist Chris Paul and Tlingit artist Mark Preston. The artists and long-time friends come together once again to express their own personal stories about the joining of traditional and contemporary art-making, the past and the present, and the transformation of the self, as well as allowing their works to relate to one another and exhibit a relationship between their two cultures within the context of design from the Northwest Coast.

Artist Statements

To me, the word Metamorphosis has a raw, sand-wearing-wood feel to it - a step from being one minute on the ground, and then emerging forth with wings. As each image reveals itself, I am always surprised to imagine where I started and to see what has emerged. The modality of transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, larva to bee, tadpole to frog... all are taken from my childhood imagination and now stay with my art and mythology. From all of this comes Metamorphosis.
-Chris Paul

Our amphibian friend the frog is fragile. So too is the idea behind my work. The thought of creating with paper comes from my understanding of how fragile we are as a species. Living in two worlds, being part Irish and part Tlingit, has given me the foundation of introspective thinking. Like the frog, we too must go through various stages of development so we can survive and live in a more cohesive way with nature. However, it is going to take time to find that other self and to explore that other nature.
-Mark Preston

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