Under the Sea - A Christmas Exhibition

Gus Cook was born February 28, 1982 in Alert Bay, British Columbia. He completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Victoria.

He first became interested in Northwest Coast art through the cultural programs offered in elementary school.

In 2010, Gus’s cousin, Rande Cook travelled to Italy and later New York to enrol in advanced repoussé courses under the direction of Italian master Valentin Yotkov. On return Rande engaged the interest of a number of Northwest Coast artists in this technique, inviting Yotkov to British Columbia to conduct classes. Primarily taught by Rande, Gus learned voraciously and quickly developed a very high level of skill.

Cook’s designs in silver are entirely influenced by his Kwakwaka’wakw heritage. Using Argentium sterling silver, salmon, starfish and mussels figure prominently as decoration on neck pieces, rings and pins alongside mythical characters such as Sisiutl the two headed serpent and Kumugwe the god of the sea.

For this exhibition Gus has used repoussé and chasing method to very fine effect in a collection of various forms of body ornamentation.

We have no artworks of this kind at the moment.

Please check back soon.