The Journey by Canoe

The Journey by Canoe coincides with Alcheringa Gallery's eleventh field trip to visit artists in remote villages in Papua New Guinea. This exhibition explores both the physical and spiritual aspects of canoe travel with works from two Pacific Rim cultures: the Northwest Coast of Canada and the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea. Historically and currently, both of these cultures rely upon the canoe as a means of travel and a form of cultural expression. As geographically and culturally diverse as they are, the first peoples of Canada's Northwest Coast and Papua New Guinea also share great carving traditions containing powerful imagery that is compelling in its similarity of detail yet very different in overall effect. The 2006 expedition to the Sepik celebrates the interaction and common ground between these two great carving traditions, as Coast Salish artist John Marston travels to Palembei Village to meet and work with Iatmul artist Teddy Balangu. Balangu will be resident carver in the great hall of the Museum of Anthropology at Vancouver's University of British Columbia this summer, completing the circle of exchange. Alcheringa has gathered new and existing works from our collection to celebrate this exciting journey. They share the theme of canoe travel manifested through each artist's unique vision.

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