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Fish DreamerFish Dreamer
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Fish Dreamer

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Man uses the animals around him to teach him to hunt and not to be hunted. He also needs their wisdom and experience to help him 'see' into the sky, into his dreams - to understand the rules of balance - to enter the spirit world or to leave his physical state to search the real world. To leave the corporeal body is a dangerous and sometimes fatal thing to do. A spirit shield, teacher and seer is required so that one never abandons one's own self in living or dying or dreaming. Since most of the hunter's life deals on and around water, the fish (spirit) is a very powerful ally - more powerful than many land animals since the fish has survived all four civilizations. The spirit seer is extremely difficult to use, since more than any other creature it is the most distant from man. It lives in another world - the underwater world. Its lessons or teachings are never given to men but are there to be used if one knows what they are and how to use them. In dark spaces between the ground and the spirit world the fish's ability 'to see' in the dark where there is no reference to order is very valuable. His skill in travelling in any direction and returning by the same path makes the fish a most valuable guide. He is a 'seer' but always through his own eyes.

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Cree
Artist Michael Robinson
NWC Nation Cree
Date Created Circa 1980s
Dimensions 17.5"X22"
Materials & Edition Etching on archival paper. #63 of a limited edition of 100.

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