fOUR salmon, yOUR salmon by lessLIEfOUR salmon, yOUR salmon by lessLIE
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fOUR salmon, yOUR salmon

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"This contemporary Coast Salish design depicts four salmon in a rectangle. Of significance in this design are the visual puns. I have created visual puns with the words 'fOUR' and 'yOUR,' as well as in the visual depiction of the salmon, in which they share each other's mouths as well as each other's eyes. As with many other First Nations traditions, the number four as well as the circle symbolize balance and holism. The four salmon symbolize natural resources. Hence this design depicts a vision of a balance in natural resources between nations. In the modern world, the overconsumption of natural resources in the Western world has created political and economic imbalances. The overconsumption of natural resources in the Western world has come at a great expense to Third and Fourth (First Nations and indigenous peoples) World nations." -lessLIE

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist lessLIE
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2006
Dimensions 23" X 11.5"
Materials & Edition acrylic on paper

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