'Innocence' by Rande Cook'Innocence' by Rande Cook
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This is inspired by a legend I heard when I was very young about a girl who was eating clams on a beach. A young boy watched her as juice ran down her face and laughed saying "it's a shame that all you have to eat are clams ! I come from a place where we have the greatest river of flowing salmon." The girl was very upset and returned to her village to describe what happened. In response her tribe gathered together and declared war on the boy's tribe, almost wiping it out. The tribe had to go into hiding. As a result many pregnant women were separated from their territory and were resettled in different areas giving rise to many of the tribes known today It's a long story but this is it in a nut shell. I wanted to show the innocence of the story before it all went sideways and yet turned out still to be something beautiful. Rande Cook

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist Rande Cook
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2012
Dimensions Diameter 39" x 1"
Materials & Edition Red Cedar and Paint

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