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Last Camp, First SongLast Camp, First Song
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Last Camp, First Song

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Throughout a hunter's life he had many songs - some he was given and others he made himself. He had songs of praise and thanks for a successful hunt or as an offering before crossing a large lake, or powerful words for courage and a strong heart as he prepared for war. But all these words that he used to link himself with his past, to his father's songs, to his everyday living were really only parts of the one song that was 'him' - his own personal vision. His own part he played in the spectrum of life. His death song was his most powerful place - his last camp - this last stand among the living things he had known them to be. The words of this song were sung by him, and to the sky, to all the reasons for his existence as a man. They were his confessions, his testimony, his desire to understand, to be understood, to be accepted as a man. As he finished the words to his song he was no longer a man. He was gone towards the west, towards what he had sung about. He was his song.

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Cree
Artist Michael Robinson
NWC Nation Cree
Date Created Circa 1980s
Dimensions 17.5"X22'
Materials & Edition Etching on archival paper. #63 of a limited edition of 100.

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