Mimi Spirit Hunting Ngurrudu (Emus) by Peter NarbarlambarlMimi Spirit Hunting Ngurrudu (Emus) by Peter Narbarlambarl
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Mimi Spirit Hunting Ngurrudu (Emus)

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This lithograph by this famous senior artist of the Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) region in Western Arnhem Land, Northern Territory depicts a mimi hunting the prized food source, ngurrudu, the large Australian bird called an emu. According to the Gunbalanya people, mimis are the original spirit beings. They existed before humans and subsequently taught Aboriginal people all about life - language, song, dance, law and how to hunt. They are frequently seen in rock art in Western Arnhem Land as small dynamic figures. Ngurrudu frequent this part of Australia during the kurrung which is the hot �build up� season when both the temperature and humidity increase. Many native plants begin to flower and others begin fruiting, providing good food for the emus. It is also the time emus nest and hatch their chicks.

Artwork Information

Location Australia
Region Australia
Artist Peter Narbarlambarl
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 1998
Dimensions 76cm x 56cm (16.9" x 16.9")
Materials & Edition Lithograph on BFK Rives edition 60

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