Paddy Stewart Japaljarri

Country/Region: Australia

Aboriginal artist Paddy Stewart Japaljarri is from Mungapunju, just south of Yuendumu. When he was a young man he was a station worker at Mt Allen, Mt Dennison and up the top end. He worked as a chef in Papunya, hence his nickname Cookie. For a very long time now he has been living in Yuendumu. Cookie worked at the Yuendumu school teaching young kids, both kardiya and yapa (non aboriginal and aboriginal). He's taught painting, jukurrpa (dreaming), tracking (dingo, kangaroo, goanna etc...), how to make wax for the sand painting, dancing, making boomerangs and many other important culture traditions. Each day Paddy drove the school bus that collected the kids. He was also involved in the council here and in Night Patrol. Night Patrol has been absolutely invaluable as a yapa (aboriginal) policing body. Cookie has been drawing and painting for a long time, including working on the Yuendumu School Doors. He is presently the chairman for the Warlukurlangu Artists Committee.

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