Puwa Puun by Dennis NonaPuwa Puun by Dennis Nona
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Puwa Puun

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There are three main characters in this story. Puwa Puun and his two sisters. The top right of the print shows Puwa Puun begging his sister for a fish. At the top left you can see Puwa Puun straightening a bamboo on a floating log to make a fish spear, just behind him is a fire. In the middle section you can see Puwa Puun aiming at a school of fish. On the left there is a lady planting Taro and Cassava in the garden. Behind the lady is Puwa Puun turning into a bird. At the bottom left you can see Puwa Puun looking up and pointing at the finished fish spear and on the bottom right, Puwa Pun is asleep with his spear. Puwa Puun had two Babath (sisters). Puwa Puun was relying on his two sisters for fish. This particular day, the sisters told him to make a fish spear so he can fish for himself. So he decided to make a spear the next day. When the spear was completed he went out onto the reef when the tide was low. As a school of fish was approaching him he aimed but faked the throw. Sometimes during the day he would lay under the tree admiring his spear and saying: You are my spear, I don’t want to use you or else you will become blunt. In this afternoon he still went back to his sisters and asked them for fish. During the night he took his precious spear and put it between the weaving of his hut so that while he slept he could look and admire it. Towards the end of the story Puwa Puun turned into a bird which can still be seen today.

Artwork Information

Location Australia
Region Torres Strait
Artist Dennis Nona
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2001
Dimensions 29.7" x 20.9"
Materials & Edition Linocut Kaidaral edition 85

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