Ronnie Lawson Jakamarra

Country/Region: Australia

Place of birth Rilyi-rilyi, 1930 or earlier. A very old man, Ronnie Lawson is Pintupi/ Warlpiri and is well known and liked by everyone in Lajamanu for the sweetness of his disposition. His country is Rilyi-rilyi and his Dreamings are Karnta, Women Janmarda, Bush Onion and Wintiki. A Ronnie Lawson painting of Pituri Dreaming features on the cover of an award winning thesis on adult education at Lajamanu by David Macleay and another of Bush Bean on the cover of the catalogue of the Donald Kahn Collection which has been touring the USA and Europe since 1991. Ronnie often works with his wife, Louisa Lawson Napaljarri. They are both highly regarded painters. Ronnis Lawson started painting in 1986 in the traditional Painting course organsied by the TAFE unit at Lajamanu school.

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