Songbirds Mist NetSongbirds Mist Net
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Songbirds Mist Net Songbirds Mist Net Songbirds Mist Net Songbirds Mist Net Songbirds Mist Net

Songbirds Mist Net

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Mist Nets are finely woven nylon nets used by scientists to catch live birds for ringing and research. Poachers use them to catch and kill birds. The writer Jonathan Franzen describes how ‘along the coastal highway west of Sinai, the nets run to the horizon and pass straight through tourist towns in front of hotels.’

“They came in thousands: wood pigeons, thrushes, turtle-doves, waders, quails, golden orioles, skylarks, nightingales, wagtails, chaffinches, swallows, warblers, red-breasts and many other tiny artists on their way to give spring concerts to the silent forests and fields in the North. A couple of hours later they fluttered helplessly in the nets the cunning of man had stretched all over the island from the cliffs by the sea high up to the slopes of Monte S Polaroid and Monte Barbarossa. “

From The Story of San Michele, Axel Munthe, 1929

Artwork Information

Location Global
Region London, England
Artist Rebecca Jewell
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2014
Dimensions 98.5" x 65"
Materials & Edition mixed media, nylon netting, printed feathers, willow sticks

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