Tales To Tell by Ake LiangaTales To Tell by Ake Lianga
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Tales To Tell

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Here's how Ake describes the parts of this piece: "The challenge of manhood within my culture was a test of fishing skill. In a single fishing trip, if a young boy is to catch more than 20 Bonita tuna, he has successfully met the challenge and enters manhood. The young boy has a week to meet the challenge. During that week, the elders hold ritual ceremonies to give blessings to the young boy and to ask the sea to provide the catch needed to meet the challenge. On any unsuccessful day during that week any fish that is caught by the boy is given to the people of the village and he will not take a bite. "Shark is the crest of my family. Traditionally, the shark has a territory that he dominates. "Possum is a delicacy in the Solomon Islands. They're often kept as pets, and like many other types of animals, they can be worshipped as gods in some areas. "Iguana is known for its ability to blend into the nature around them and fool passersby. It is a rare species around the world, but is plentiful in numbers in the Solomon Islands."

Artwork Information

Location Pacific Islands
Region Solomon Islands
Artist Ake Lianga
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2001
Dimensions 26" X 19.75"
Materials & Edition linoprint artist's proof I/III

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