The Dreaming Sorcerer by Ake LiangaThe Dreaming Sorcerer by Ake Lianga
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The Dreaming Sorcerer

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"In many islands in the Solomons, a Medicine Man, or Sorcerer, is highly respected and ranked within society. The Chief often confers with the Sorcerer for wisdom and knowledge in his role as head of a tribe. The Sorcerer is believed to be able to see into the future, to speak with the spirit world, and to communicate with nature. The Sorcerer will go to a special place to meditate and may be at this place for weeks or months. This special place is forbidden to women, and men may only attend if invited. In this piece, the Sorcerer is meditating to seek a message for the chief about his leadership into the future. He sees a crab, which represents the coast and the village's dependency on the sea for its future." - Ake Lianga

Artwork Information

Location Pacific Islands
Region Solomon Islands
Artist Ake Lianga
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2004
Dimensions 23" X 23" framed
Materials & Edition acrylic on paper

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