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Wa'wanamgila'ogwa "Death Bringing Woman" Panel by William Jr. WasdenWa'wanamgila'ogwa "Death Bringing Woman" Panel by William Jr. Wasden
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Wa'wanamgila'ogwa "Death Bringing Woman" Panel

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"She was an ancestor of the Da'naxda'xw "New Vancouver Tribe" and was sought by Kani'kilakw "Born to Soar" the Transformer; who put stones into her vagina in order to grind down its teeth and make her safe for himself to marry her." - William Wasden Jr. The Whole Story Ka'nikilakw "The Transformer" went to Knight Inlet in hopes of marrying the daughter of Dza'wadalalis "Always Living at Knight Inlet". When he arrived at Dzawadi "Eulachon Place" he met a woman named U'xdla'adalagals "Carrying on Back" who questioned him as to why he had passed that way. When he told her his wishes to marry the daughter of Dza'wadalalis, she warned him about her. The woman told him, "The princess of Dza'wadalalis has teeth on her vagina! Take my stone chisel and grind and break her teeth when you "lay" with her for your first time". Ka'nikilakw continued on his journey to search for his future bride. When he reached the territory of Dza'wadalalis, Ka'nikilakw transformed his face into that of an old man. Then he was seen by Dza'wadalalis who claimed him for his slave. The daughter of Dza'wadalalis who's name was Wa'wanamgila'ogwa "Death Bringing Woman" claimed him for her own and that night when he "laid" with her, first, he put his stone chisel into her vagina and used his chisel to grind and break her teeth. Now the teeth in her vagina were ground down and smooth. Now Wa'wanamgila'ogwa could not harm Ka'nikilakw so he revealed to her his true identity and transformed back into a handsome man. The next morning, Dza'wadalalis asked his princess who she was talking with in her room during the night. Wa'wanamgila'ogwa told him that she was talking to her new husband. Dza'wadalalis asked Ka'nikilakw to come from his daughter's room so that he could meet his new son in law. Dza'wadalalis recognized Ka'nikilakw the "Transformer" and knew of his spiritual power and magic and did not like how he had deceived his daughter. Dza'wadalalis tried in vain in numerous ways to kill his new son in law. each time ka'nikilaw would be restored to his original state. Eventually, Ka'nikilakw paid him back and almost killed Dza'wadalalis by torturing and seriously punishing him in many ways. In the end, Dza'wadalalis gave up and chose not to fight with Ka'nikilakw. In time, Ka'nikilakw had a son with Wa'wanamgila'ogwa and one day took his son and left Dzawadi and continued on his adventures along the coast. William Wasden Jr

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist William Jr. Wasden
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2012
Dimensions 31" x 21" x 3"
Materials & Edition Red and yellow cedar, paint

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