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We've You are forever deeply ingRAINed into my heART and MEmories. I was wrong to say that I would choose my art over yOUR heART. If I could carve a companion, make a wooden woman for you to notice and love me again, I would. If I could trade my Salish soul for yOUR Heltsuik heART, I would. If I could paint a path back to yOUR heART, I would. If I could relive my lIFe like Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy," I would. If i could relive my lIFe, I would surrender my artistic talent for yOUR love. We were supposed to complete each other and weave a lIFe of love. It's like I was a Salish soul and you were a Heltsuik heART, doing our best to love each other despite our tormented pasts. Since you left me I have felt like half the man I used to be. I have had to attempt to transform the tragedy of my broken heART into he-art. I am trying to reclaim my human agency despite being partially demoralized by a post-colonial reality. Realize I am pARTially a product of my past. realize the residential school cultural ants in my pANTS realize my residential school aunt got in my pANTS realize the respectful relationships between men and women woven by spindle whorls the demoralization of contemporary Coast Salish men and women demoralized contemporary Coast Salish men thinking "if you were my carved companion my wooden woman you are the one i would stick my wood in" the respectful relationships woven between men and women of spindle whorls we've respectful relationships between men and women lessLIE

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Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist lessLIE
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2011
Dimensions 22" x 22" (Unframed)
Materials & Edition Serigraph Edition of 100

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