Raven Steals the Light Panel by Wayne YoungRaven Steals the Light Panel by Wayne Young
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Raven Steals the Light Panel

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"A long time ago, in the days of legends and tales, there was a fisherman and his daughter who spent their time fishing, hunting, and picking berries. The father had a very special possession: a very beautiful bentwood box. In this box he hoarded the light. Hoarding it, of course, he did not want to share it, but he took it out once in a while to admire it before it was returned to the box. "Enter the Raven, noted as mischievous, conniving, and greedy for things he did not possess. Needless to say, he wanted the light from the box, so he contrived a scheme. "Raven was known as a shape-shifter, able to transform into any form of life he chose. This particular time he decided to change into a berry. He did this to be consumed by the daughter as she picked berries. Once inside the body of the daughter, Raven transformed into a human fetus, making her believe she had been impregnated. After taking the fetus to full term, she gave birth to a baby boy- not knowing, of course, that it was Raven in disguise. In disguise as the man's grandson, the Raven was able to get close enough to the box to steal it, then he returned back to his original form and flew away with the light." -Wayne Young

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist Wayne Young
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 2003
Dimensions 41" diameter
Materials & Edition red cedar

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