Stone Spear Heads by Djardie AshleyStone Spear Heads by Djardie Ashley
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Stone Spear Heads

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'My older brother and me are the only ones who can paint the Stone Country at Ngilipitji. My brother never shows his painting to Balanda (white) people or museum, only me. I bring that into the public to tell Balanda people that it is important country, the land there belongs to the Yolngu people. We use the spearheads for a lot of different important things. We use them for hunting ceremonies, traditional trade among the clans of Central Arnhem Land, right to the coast. This print shows that we Yolngu know the land since the Wagilag Sisters (mythical ancestors) made it. The Wagilag Sisters carried these spearheads with them on their creative sojourn through east Arnhem land. Traditionally the spear points were traded over hundreds of kilometres from Ngilipitji north east of the region where Raminginging is now situated. They are called kamur djalk. Kamur means the direction they came from. Djalk is skin, the paperbark the points were wrapped in to protect them on their way through the trade route.�

Artwork Information

Location Australia
Region Australia
Artist Djardie Ashley
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created 1998
Dimensions 76cm x 56cm (29.9" x 22")
Materials & Edition original screenprint on magnani,edition 99

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