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Woven ForestWoven Forest
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Woven Forest

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It is vital that we all continue to discover the intricate weave of life on earth. I’ve spent much of my time working, and with family in the Coastal, Columbian and Montane forest regions of British Columbia, it remains evident to me there are vast connections between organisms, plants and animals yet to be understood. These relationships are demonstrated from microscopic scale, to the much broader measure between these huge ecological regions. The coniferous Columbian region merges with Coast, Montane and Sub-alpine forest regions and in these special overlapping areas is where I am most fascinated by the unmistakable bird species that cross these seeming boundaries.

The Cariboo plateaus inspired me to bring awareness to the birds of these forests. Researchers anticipate fifty percent of bird species in Canada will be nonexistent in fifty years, overwhelmingly due to human beings. The balance of forest ecosystems depends on these birds and if they are taken out of the equation there will be irreversible effects.

Growing up Musqueam, our teachings reflect the relationship we have with all forests, as the Fraser River passes through many. In nearly all of our spoken legends, there are references to places within the forest; exemplifying how important our time-honoured connection is. We continue to use Pacific Spirit Park for cultural uses, such as ceremonial spiritual cleansings.

The forests that inspired this colourful montage need to be preserved by each of us, as it is our own responsibility as beings of mother earth not to impede even one species survival.

I have released this print to coincide with National Forest Week in Canada, to help raise awareness to our invaluable future.

-- Susan Point

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist Susan Point
NWC Nation Coast Salish
Date Created 2014
Dimensions 26" x 41.5"
Materials & Edition No

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