YOURS (Print) by lessLIEYOURS (Print) by lessLIE
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YOURS (Print)

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Yours Of great significance in the discourse on First Nations Cultural property is asking the question, "What is yours and what is theirs?" It has been plausibly argued by some scholars that the commercialization of Northwest Coast art decontextualizes such art forms while simultaneously disempowering First Nations. For this reason, contemporary Northwest Coast artists need to be culturally sensitive about elements they choose to sell, and avoid commodifying and commercializing culture, or selling the sacred. As a contemporary Coast Salish person with strong convictions about cultural property, I generally try to avoid creating works on media which should be reserved for ceremonial purposes, although I believe that certain ritual items should never be sold, I feel compelled to share aspects of my culture. The medium of drums on which this design was executed are intended to provide questions about cultural property and the de-contextualization of Northwest Coast art. At the same time, it is an image of sharing with two of four faces sharing the same mouth as well as design colOURS. --lessLIE

Artwork Information

Location Canada
Region Northwest Coast
Artist lessLIE
NWC Nation N/A
Date Created circa 2010
Dimensions 30" x 30" framed
Materials & Edition serigraph edition 50

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